Tuesday, 24 April 2007

CHALLENGE 1 Create a Mandala

After reading the information in The Artist's Muse and the file that Sue had put on the website, I decided I needed to keep things simple, and that I would make my Mandala to represent what I hope to achieve from joining the Group and to take with me on my journey.
Following a link Sue had shared in an email, I arrived at "the meaning of colour". This was it. I chose four colours that I thought would be most helpful to me and limited myself to one meaning for each colour (keep things simple!) Now I had the colours, I needed a design or symbol. I eventually decided on the circle, using circles within circles.
I chose GREEN for freedom to pursue new ideas
YELLOW for clarity in decision making
PURPLE to help me use my imagination to its fullest and ORANGE for relief from things becoming too serious.
The colours are in various proportions, and the circles represent 'neverending'.
I call my Mandala "Epicyclic Contemplation". It is 19" square and is made from hand dyed cotton fabric. It is free machine quilted with spirals blending the greens and yellow using green thread - and radiating curved zigzag lines blending the yellow, purple and orange, using a purple thread, which all have a purpose when using 'the meaning of colour'. (The quilting is not exactly as planned, as I couldn't get the machine needle through all the layers of fabric, and had to go for the controlled zigzag stitch, which is the only stitch my machine would accept. Is my Mandala telling me something already?!)
I am pleased with the finished quilt and I have it pinned up in my Studio, ready for the next step of this 'journey'.

Monday, 23 April 2007


I have recently joined a new group The Artist's Muse run by Sue Bleiweiss and the idea is to purchase the Book and Card Kit THE ARTIST'S MUSE by Betsy Dillard Stroud and work through the Challenges together, in our own particular medium, discussing and sharing with the group as we proceed on our journey, hopefully discovering exciting new things about ourselves and our abilities, and in particular our own personal Muse.