Sunday, 14 September 2008

Naughty but Nice - two more spreads

I really am enjoying digging into my stash of lace and stuff, looking for just the right thing, trying to 'catch the mood' of the picture, but not overdoing it!!
After the red plush atmosphere of the spread above, I thought I'd try a softer approach for this one. I think it has come off, but I may go back to it....
I'm off on holiday for a couple of weeks, and really must see if I can catch up with Dale's Workshop, so will not be posting again for a while.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Dale's Workshop - Lesson 4 - using knitting

First of all there is the weaving piece from Lesson 3 I revisited!I've added some flowers from a piece of embellishing fabric I made with black chiffon and wool tops. The wool tops were embellished in roundels so I was able to cut out sections, squeeze them up into petal shapes and embellish more, then added them to be weaving. I think it looks a lot better with, than without! Now to the knitting .......
I embellished a piece of knitting (in circles) I tried a piece all over but couldn't really see any difference - here you can see the dark circles are where it is embellished. I then cut it into a flower shape (see below) and it almost fell to bits!
However, I quickly embellished it onto this background of chiffon (I like the way you get a chevron pattern when you go up and then come down) which caught most of the pieces! I then free machine stitched it with metallic thread to define the shape and added the centre. This was made with a circle of embellished knitting trapped between water soluble fabric, and stitched with metallic thread.

Here I've made a sample using some thumb knitting.....

Monday, 1 September 2008

Dale's Workshop - Lesson 3 (and some postcards)

This week we did 'weaving'..... I decided to use some printed chiffon, variegated blue/green silk and very dark green polyester velvet (as above). I tore the chiffon and the silk into strips and embellished them alternately into the velvet, then I cut the piece into three quarter inch strips, diagonally, then wove them together.
I then embellished the woven piece together, and embellished it onto a piece of dark blue felt. The cord weaving around the piece is made from very thin strips of the chiffon, twisted together.
I have realised over the last three weeks that the pieces we are making certainly need further work to become 'a finished piece', and this weaving is no exception. Next week we are embellishing pieces of knitting, so perhaps .............

I have received some love postcards recently:

This beauty is from Debbie (my friend Dot's Sister) who is actually on her way to Australia with her family to live. She made this for me while staying with Dot, who lives in Falmouth, as you can see. Sailing boats, sea and sand. Wonderful.
Very remiss of me - this one is from Joanna, and is my Calendar Girl Card for the month of July. Joanna used ink and fabric paints to re-create the flowers and vase from the calendar inspiration, and the background is angelina. Gorgeous!
This fabulous one is from Lynda (purplemissus) and is my Calendar Girl Card for the month of August. It has three layers of rustdyed using the caustic soda and ferrous sulphate method. Bottom layer is handmade paper, then tyvek, then the flower which is made from lutradur. You can see all the wonderful cards the ladies have made by clicking on the Calendar Girl Logo on the right of my Blog.