Thursday, 28 August 2008

Naughty but Nice - another Altered Book

I'm off again - altering another book! I'm inspired by lots of blogs I visit (aren't we all!) and for more than a year now have been drooling over Debbi's artwork. So when a friend offered me this little book, which has LOVE embossed on the front in gold lettering and is covered with red suede, I just couldn't resist having a go. Again, I evenly tore out some of the pages and stuck others together. Sealed the pages with gesso and gave them all a yellow wash with dye. Debbi gave me this link to find some suitable pictures and I was away. This is the first spread ......
and this is the second spread, and I have six more to go. The book is only 4"x5" so it doesn't take forever to complete a spread.
I'm off to start another one ......

Friday, 22 August 2008

Dale's Workshop - Lesson 2

This week we are working on scrumptious backgrounds... This is red felt (I have yardage of this - can you tell!) layered with fusible web. gold foil, snippets of various yarns with red chiffon on top - then thoroughly embellished.
This is some of the same piece but hand stitched with thick cotton thread, narrow ribbon, thick shiny thread, some unwound dressing gown cord(!) etc.
This is a patterned piece of chiffon, top half is embellished on white felt, the top right hand side also embellished from the back - the bottom half is on black felt, with the right hand portion embellished from the back.
This is torn strips of organza embellished into a weird piece of fabric (you can see at the sides - thickish polyester of sorts) It is embellished until it all lies quite flat.
This is some of the same piece but has been embellished from the back as well, and then strips laid across and just embellished down the centre - the edges are still free.
The Challenge this week was to work a landscape using a photograph (either your own or from any other source available to you)
This is a photograph of a sunrise I took last November from my back garden, so I thought I would have a go ......... The colours are not bright enough of course, as the wool tops I have kept disappearing into the felt! Anyway, I embellished in layers onto lilac coloured felt, then added some torn painted fusible web along the bottom and ironed on some cut threads from the brown unwound dressing gown cord (see first piece above) to represent the bushes and trees, and finally added some machine stitching to create some twigs onto the branches. Job done! The finished piece is 6" x 4" postcard size.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Dale Rollerson's Workshop - Lesson 1

Tuesday the 12th arrived at last (actually Dale sent the first Lesson out Monday evening UK time) and I was finally able to get stuck in. I did a sample using lumpy wool, then fibres on felt and embellishing front and back then I embellished torn strips of silk onto red felt (see below) I then covered it in emerald green chiffon and embellished again .... The piece below is red felt embellished with pieces of torn silk and dyed scrim pulled into strange shapes as I embellished it. The piece below is similar to above but has red chiffon embellished over it and half of it has been zapped with the heat gun.....

This is a piece of red dyed scrim with lots of different colour wool tops pulled out very thinly and laid on the scrim in layers (first layer going one way second layer going t'other, so to speak - four layers I think) I then embellished it from the front and then the back. This piece is wool tops laid on an undyed piece of scrim and embellished front and back, then overlaid with a lemon coloured chiffon and embellished again, then zapped with a heat gun. I did get a bit carried away - hence the nice pale brown colour in places - just as well you can't smell it!
Below is my completed Challenge piece ...........
The samples I used for this was the background of torn strips of silk, having zapped it first with a heatgun. This released a lot more of the colours through the green chiffon. For the flowers I used the sample of silk and scrim scraps (no chiffon) and of course Dale's pattern. Once cut out, I embellished each flower from the back to give it a red centre, and then decorated each centre with 'metallic' bits from recycled necklaces. I was surprised how the red felt background gives the flowers that red edge - and are very dimentional.
I have really enjoyed the week and look forward to Lesson 2 - thanks Dale.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

More Embellisher playtime ...

I've had a great time over the last couple of days ....... I embellished a few bits of lace onto a piece of white felt, and then zapped it with the heat gun, front and back ..... when I do it again I shall leave more space between the laces so the felt can disintegrate easier!
I then painted it with BLACK fountain pen ink, which dried blue. I did think it would dry a grey colour, maybe. Perhaps I should have watered the ink a bit ....
I then painted a yellow on it, and got this suggestion of green. Quite nice - make a pretty book cover maybe?
This is a piece of hand dyed silk I embellished onto felt in a random manor, leaving odd spaces. It is amazing how this texture reminds me of my swimsuit, when I was little!!
This is silk, wool and nylon tops pulled out into wisps and embellished on dark green polyester velvet. I am enjoying this ..... looking forward to Tuesday!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Babylock Embellisher play time .....

My friend Janet offered to lend me her Babylock Embellisher to have a play (can you believe that!!) so I signed on for Dale Rollerson's 6 week On-line Workshop beginning 12th August. (Janet doesn't yet have a Blog - but I'm working on her!) I picked up the machine a couple of days ago and this is my first piece, using red polyester velvet and wool and nylon tops/rovings (not sure of the jargon yet!) The reverse side looks interesting too - as do those holes I carefully embellished around (only kidding!!)
It is time again for a postcard for the Calendar Girl swap, and my partner this month is Doreen in Australia (who actually introduced me to Dale's Workshop) so I thought it apt to use a bit of my first piece in her postcard .....
The background is dressmaking pattern tissue pva'd to fabric then overlaid with cotton curtaining and painted to death! The leaves are fabric paper (a la Beryl Taylor) and the tulip shapes are the holes from the above embellished fabric. Click on the Calendar Girl Logo on the right of my Blog - you can then see all the beautiful cards the other ladies have made so far this year.
Can't wait for Dale's Workshop to begin - will keep you posted!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

A couple more experiments ....

I've had a lot of fun this week trying out texture on kitchen foil, the idea for which I saw on Carol McFee's Blog. I made quite a large piece, using 50/50 pva glue and water, sticking the foil to a piece of cotton fabric, then covering the foil with crumpled tissue paper. I then painted Golden fluid acrylic yellow all over, then burnt orange, a blue, and finished with a green interference. Above is the result.
I then rubbed a third of the piece with copper Markal using a stencil brush, and the above is the result...
Then I painted a third of the original with purple Procion dye, and the above is the result. I still have a third of the original. It is quite stiff because of the tin foil and the pva glue, but the piece will make super backgrounds for postcards etc. and even motifs for other things. Thanks Carol.
And yet more Bark ...

This technique I found on Lynda's Blog again. Crumpled brown paper on fusible web on cotton backing. I painted it black then grated metallic wax crayons and sprinkled over and ironed using baking parchment to protect the iron. I then painted it lots more times (with brown, blue, green and finally yellow!) till I now think it's done! It is amazing how supple this is, and should be very easy to stitch on.