Friday, 22 August 2008

Dale's Workshop - Lesson 2

This week we are working on scrumptious backgrounds... This is red felt (I have yardage of this - can you tell!) layered with fusible web. gold foil, snippets of various yarns with red chiffon on top - then thoroughly embellished.
This is some of the same piece but hand stitched with thick cotton thread, narrow ribbon, thick shiny thread, some unwound dressing gown cord(!) etc.
This is a patterned piece of chiffon, top half is embellished on white felt, the top right hand side also embellished from the back - the bottom half is on black felt, with the right hand portion embellished from the back.
This is torn strips of organza embellished into a weird piece of fabric (you can see at the sides - thickish polyester of sorts) It is embellished until it all lies quite flat.
This is some of the same piece but has been embellished from the back as well, and then strips laid across and just embellished down the centre - the edges are still free.
The Challenge this week was to work a landscape using a photograph (either your own or from any other source available to you)
This is a photograph of a sunrise I took last November from my back garden, so I thought I would have a go ......... The colours are not bright enough of course, as the wool tops I have kept disappearing into the felt! Anyway, I embellished in layers onto lilac coloured felt, then added some torn painted fusible web along the bottom and ironed on some cut threads from the brown unwound dressing gown cord (see first piece above) to represent the bushes and trees, and finally added some machine stitching to create some twigs onto the branches. Job done! The finished piece is 6" x 4" postcard size.


Doreen G said...

Great samples again Val especially the challenge piece---I have only one question now---are you going to buy an embellisher.

Ruth said...

Beautiful landscape piece! I love the way you did the trees.

Jeanette said...

Oh I just love your sunrise! So beautiful! And all the stuff you have made. Wow, simply fantastic! I wish you lived much closer then I would have invited myself for a sneak-peak in IRL!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Sandy said...

All your samples are great, but I love the landscape.

Maureen said...

Great work again and a beautiful challenge piece!

maggi said...

Love your pieces again Val. Wonder what Dale has in store for us next week.

sharon young said...

Phew!!! You've done such a lot of work here. I love the B&W sample and it's great to see how it looks when you embellish from the back.
I was also interested to see how you'd done the embellishment on top of the embellished fabric, pic 2, it's given me some great ideas to try on my (not working) piece :-)
I love the sun set too, but I can't get an enlargement on my computer ;-(

Genie said...

Love the Landscape

maggi said...

Thanks for all the comments on my blog Val. No I am not new to this - I am primarily a quilter but also do a lot of embroidery work as well. And no I haven't finished current OU assignment - too busy playing with textiles. I really do need to exercise a bit of willpower

quiltchick said...

Lovely Val, I really like the soft colours in the postcard sized piece.