Monday, 20 December 2010

Happy Xmas and a very creative New Year

First of all I would like to thank you all for your support and friendship during the year, thanks for dropping by, and I wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a happy, healthy and creative New Year.
Above is a photo I took of some dried holly leaves from my garden and some red berries. I put them on the top of my washing machine (white background) then played with layers in Photoshop Elements. Still not very good at the words (couldn't get them to move over - so gave up!!) but still very pleased with the result.

This photo I took this morning of the tree I was intending bringing inside to decorate. I have bought a load of new white decorations to go on it, but waking up to this tree covered in snow, I thought to myself can I do better than Mother Nature. I have 'softened' it with a few layers, but it still looks very pretty. If it all melts by Friday I will put all the new decorations on it! If not, I will leave it where it is .....

Just thought you might like to see the Wonderland that is my back garden at the moment, untouched by Photoshop.

The trees covered in snow just take your breath away ......

What wonders we behold when the sun comes out - sunshine and shade!
Have a wonderful Christmas - I'll be back, hopefully, in the New Year.
Till then .......