Sunday, 3 February 2013

Magical beings

Last year I took an online workshop with Jane Davenport in Australia - who teaches mixedmedia art. (   This particular Workshop was entitled Joynal, where we actually altered an old fairy story book, and created new fairy stories in it, whilst painting over the pages with all sorts of imaginery beings.
Above is a mermaid - I was practising in my sketchbook.   I've drawn on top of a painted background using mostly coloured pencils.
These are Girlimals (as Jane puts it) girl animals!  They are unicorn girls - again I am practising in my sketchbook.  Again I've drawn on top of an already painted background.  I painted all the pages of this particular sketchbook some few years back, and am now finding it quite exciting to decide which background to practise on!
I'll post a couple of pictures from my Fairystory Joynal next time.  Till then ........