Saturday, 30 June 2012


Two or three weeks ago I received an email, our of the blue, from Ty Hulse, asking if I would be interested in reviewing a book she has written - The World of Fairy.
As most of you know, I am well into mythology, so of course I enthusiastically agreed.
I subsequently received a proof a couple of days ago, and have just finished a most enjoyable read.
Herewith my Review ...........
The World of Fairy  Author Ty Hulse
To quote from the back cover “Inspired by the works of the greatest scholars, this book of sketches represents a journey through ancient beliefs and creatures which are far stranger than you ever imagined”. Ty Hulse is a Folklorist as well as an artist, and has spent some considerable time researching myths, legends and fairy stories from all over the world, and has put together ‘A Sketch Book & Artists Guide to Fairies’ which would suit all ages.
Whether you believe in fairies or not, to read snippets such as “Because ‘Fairy’ was originally a term used to describe a set of magical beings similar to deities, one can see many ‘fairy traditions’ from around the world, including the Kami of Japan and the Rusalka of Russia” really intensifies your sense of inquisitiveness and desire to find out more!

The Author has produced a book filled with anecdotes relating to folklore from every walk of life worldwide, and has illustrated them with beautifully naive drawings, not too pretty and sugary, and not too scary either. She has managed to create a nice balance where each page is very easy on the eye.
To view all the research go here - it really is most interesting.
The book is due to be published next week, and is available from the same site.

I'll be back shortly to share with you what I have been doing since February - my doesn't time fly!!
Till then ...........