Saturday, 29 August 2009

Another wrapped wire doll

I adapted one of the patterns from Ray Slater's Cloth Dolls Book ......
to make a doll about 11" high - Ray's pattern is for a doll around 23" high.
I wrapped the wire with wadding, but this time I gave her a much more rounded body, so that hopefully there was enough to 'hang' a dress on. I then wrapped it all with strips of white silk.
Then came the dress - this I made by layering very thin ulled out pieces of wool and various threads between two layers of cold water soluble stuff, and stitching like made all over to form a new piece of 'fabric'. When I'd washed away the soluble stuff and dried the piece, I then added the lace 'bodice'. I found some feathers in the garden and just laid them around the bottom, for the scan. I haven't made up my mind whether to stitch them around the bottom of the dress, or not. I rather like the ragged edge.........
She isn't finished yet, as I want to make some exotic head dress, and some form of covering for her arms, but other more urgent things are calling, so I just tied some goat's hair around her head, to take the pic. It looks better than leaving her bald!

Dig those boots though ..............!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Kindred Spirits at the Festival of Quilts

As some of you may remember, Kindred Spirits launched our first Exhibition - Myths & Legends - here in Devon last May at RHS Rosemoor in Great Torrington. Much to our delight we were invited to the Festival of Quilts, at the NEC in Birmingham, which really was 'the icing on the cake'! Well the four of us have just about come back down to earth, after a wonderful four days, meeting old friends and of course new blogging friends. The pictures below are of our Gallery F25, and for those of you who dropped by, many thanks, it was brilliant to see you!
Front Entrance .... you can just see our Banner on the far right.

Back Entrance - our pieces for our 2010 Calendar are on the outside. The small section of a black and white quilt you can see on the right belongs to Pauline Burbidge! Yes - our Gallery was next to Pauline .........

Some of Vinnie's and Sarah's pieces......

Some of Carol's (left) and my pieces (right). Quite a few of our visitors found the chairs extremely welcome.....! Sarah is in the background and Vinnie in the foreground.
Now for the bestest ever news.... Vinnie entered a Quilt (inspired by Ricki Tims)
into the Contemporary Quilts section and guess what .............

she won a Bronze. As you can see, it is a beautiful quilt and extremely well executed, and the prize is really well deserved. She hasn't stopped bouncing since Thursday morning, and we are all extremely proud of her!!
Kindred Spirits are now five - Vinnie Cable, Sarah O'Hora, Carol Rowland and me, and Dot Carter has now joined us. Vinnie and Sarah do not blog, but you will find a link to Carol and to Dot if you check on the list of links on the right hand side.
The five of us are now busy working on our next Exhibition with a theme 'Skimming the Surface' - so I will keep you posted!