Friday, 7 September 2007


I have recently received two beautiful postcards in the mail. The first one came from Doreen my cyber friend in Australia. I've peered at it for ages, but just can't decide how she worked the background, although there does seem to be a bit of angelina on there, maybe it is felted. The hand couched threads and other stitches are just lovely. If Doreen drops by my blog, perhaps she will tell me how she did the background. Thanks again Doreen.
This card is from Carol in Scotland, and is amazing. I can see the background is stamped with a swirly and an angular design several times, the gold looks to be the final one, and is stitched with gold thread, but somehow the punchinella (sequin waste) is on the top, without the background showing through. Just exquisite - thankyou Carol.
Carol was also kind enough to send me some Lutradur (and Evolon) to try, as I had no idea what it looked like (white piece in pic.) I also bought some 'paper fabric' from the local Florist(75p. mtr.), which looked very similar although a lot thinner (blue and pink in pic.) I'm going to have a play with these on Sunday, so watch this space!!

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Doreen G said...

Nothing fancy val it's a baby wipe thatI had been using to clean off my stamps and I ironed on a piece of painted vliesofix and a bit of gold foil-I did run it through the embellisher a couple of times before I hand embroidered it--No angelina in there though.