Monday, 4 May 2009

Free machine stitching lace

Last Saturay was South West Quilters AGM and the afternoon Speaker was a delightful lady Claire Muir who, putting it very mildly, makes hats. She had a fantastic collection with her, all made using free machine stitched lace, combining various silks and feathers etc. each one a gem. She also makes Fascinators, and did say she did an article for Stitch Magazine last year sometime, with the complete instructions how to make them. Maybe someone out there has Stitch, and can find the Article. If so - do let me know which Magazine it is in, please?
Anyway, I attended Clair's Workshop the following day to learn the technique.

This is the beginning. Five petals worked free stitching into water soluble film, then wires placed down the middle of each leaf and stitched down, then decoration if required. I did three extra different leaves to use up the space (!) and the 'T' bar is for the construction of the flower.
All the petals are now rinsed out and dried. Clair showed us how to wire and bead the stamens, and make the feathery bits - amazing!

These are the rogue leaves I made - each one different - the middle one has some silk stitched into it.

Voila! All the components put together. You can see the 'T' piece was to cover all the wires, and finish it off nicely.

All I need now is an Alice Band to attach it to and I'm ready for Ascot next year! Seriously though, it would make a lovely brooch, as it is only about 2" or so across.


maggi said...

What a beautiful fascinator Val. The issue of stitch is No 52 April/May 2008. Maggi

Heather said...

This is gorgeous Val and looks so expensive. It would set off any formal outfit to perfection.

Sandy said...

It's lovely-can't wait to try that technique.

Doreen G said...

Absolutely beautiful Val---something for you to sell at your next exhibition

dot said...

Looks grat Val, good to see what you described on Saturday.

Alis said...

Oh my goodness Val that is so beautiful. You need to go somewhere posh to wear it now ;0)

sharon young said...

Wonderful, Val, what an amazing result from a workshop, you must be thrilled.
Clare's work is gorgeous, I'm tempted to have a fascinator made for my son's wedding in august, but I haven't got the outfit yet.

Amy said...

That is so beautiful! I love the way the film melts away and leaves the lace firm. What an amazing concept. I am already getting ideas for my best friend's wedding coming up next month. Better start now! How long did it take you? And do you sell them, or are you listed on somewhere? Thanks so much.