Thursday, 2 July 2009

I've done some more .....!

I've been away for a few days, and before I went I decided to try my hand at some more rust dyeing - I have only done it once before, and my stash is all finished up.
I rolled the calico, and a bit of muslin, around a rusty old chain and some bicycle bits and some very old iron nails, poured half a cup of malt vinegar and half a cup of salt over it, put the tin in a clear plastic bag, and popped it in the greenhouse.

Five days later it all looked like this - what magic nature does weave!! Maybe the very hot weather helped it along......
You can see the imprint of the bicycle bits, but on this particular piece I have green and blue colours as well as the rust - I am amazed and delighted! It might be something to do with the base fabric being old white cotton sheeting?
Another pattern - different base fabric.

Sorry this pic. is a bit blurred, I was shaking with excitement! I rolled a very rusty long chain into this piece, and the patterns are amazing. All the pieces look even better now they are ironed.

Talking of being amazed - look what's growing on the bark of a tree in my garden - it is very hard and firm, and the gorgeous surface of each one looks like velvet! Just beautiful.


Heather said...

Your rust dyed fabric is fantastic and the patterns are wonderful. Who would have thought that such a result would arise from wrapping bits of old sheet etc., round old rusty metal. I shall have to have another go sometime. The fungus growing on your tree is such a lovely texture.

Doreen G said...

Oooh rusty bits--yummy--and how good is the tree trunk.
Great photo.

quiltchick said...

Lovely pieces of fabric Val....rust dyeing can be very addictive!

Anonymous said...

Hello People, I was on a holiday for a month just passing by read this interesting post its great to see that every thing here is getting more lively...thanks a lot for these keep them coming....

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