Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Postcards from the Edge

I recently received two lovely postcards in my mailbox. This one is from Anna and is made from, amongst other fibres, Tyvek and puff paint. Anna has a recipe/tutorial on her Blog that she posted on the 29th July that shows beautiful pix. of how she achieved this lovely texture. There are also lots of other goodies to get your creative juices going..... go take a peek!
This card is from my friend Dot, who does not have a Blog, but I am working on her!! She tells me she made the card after devouring Ineke Berlin's book on Landscapes. Dot has been experimenting quite a bit with sheers lately, and if you click on the picture you will get a closer look at all the different coloured snippets of sheers that have gone into this mini landscape. Just magical!


Doreen G said...

The postcard from Dot is a treasure Val--She definitely need a blog so I can trade with her.

Dianne said...

Both cards are terrific. The one from Anna has such great texture, and Dot's is such a lovely scene.

Alis said...

Great treasures ;0)