Saturday, 29 December 2007

Look - no stitching!

I've been experimenting over Christmas (between cooking and eating!) with old dressmaking pattern tissue paper and paint. This is the result so far! I started by pasting some dressmaking tissue paper onto some cheesecloth type fabric (which was on a piece of plastic which was on newspaper) with very watered down pva glue. When dry, I painted it with crimson ink (posh word for left-over Procion dye I keep in jam jars) The yellow of the paper and the crimson ink made a lovely orange colour - which was my first surprise. I then added some pearly pink watered down paint which gave it a nice sheen when dry. Then came some old torn bits of lace curtain stuck down with more pva glue, then painted with some Yellow and Burnt Sienna acrylic paints. Finally I painted all over with watered down Copper Glitter paint.

I finished up with four postcards, an ATC and umpteen inchies and small tags. I am now awaiting inspiration to finish them off. I have actually started stitching the postcards onto wadding, which appears to be working well.


Vicki W said...

Very, very cool!

Linda said...

I love the texture this technique has achieved - can't wait to see the end results!

You've reminded me that I have some unfinished pieces in a sketch book where I have used the pattern tissue as a layer in a collage.I stopped because I chickened out when it came to adding a layour of colour - must dig it out, thanks for the inspiration.

Ruth said...

Wonderful surface design! I love the colors.

Doreen G said...

Good grief Val you sure did get carried away didn't you but what a wonderful result.
Have they photographed in true colour as it is gorgeous.

Susan D said...

Gorgeous colours Val.

Jeanette said...

Wow Val! That was really cool. I so admire what you do with ink and glue. I`ve been very much into wool lately but this will be my new project. To try something out with paper ang glue.... Yours is absolutely fantastic! Wish you lived closer. Then I would appear on your doorstep one day and not leave until you taught me how to do it... You would probably have to chase me of with a stick :-)

With admiration as always

sharon young said...

Hi Val
My goodness you have been busy!! All this and cooking too LOL
I love the colours and textures, I think some of them stand on their own and would look great aginst those you work furher.
I saw a great frame today that had a PC size mount and 2 smaller ones at the side, perfect for this kind of composition!
I wish I'd bought it now !!

Carol said...

Great work Val. I can't wait to be able to get the paints out again. Hopefully not too long now. So your not going to do anymore dress making then!!!!

Alis said...

The colours area great and I bet the texture is too.

Micki said...

Love the texture of these pieces. Great colors, too.

Barbara said...

wonderful texture! and....I opened my door for a moment and let your heart come in...thanks for your wishes and...wish you also a wonderful, creative 2008!
HUGS Barbara

Purple Missus said...

Val, these are really scrumptious - just up my street! Love what you've achieved here. I can see we will have to get our heads together on this one :)

Sandy said...

What a successful experiment. They are gorgeous. Sandy

Jeanette said...

Dear Val,
I might just take your word on it and show up some day :-) Thanks!
I wish you a wonderful New Years Eve and hope that 2008 will be filled with love,happiness and joy for you! And lot of creative moments!


Emma said...

Happy New Yer!