Saturday, 24 May 2008

Calendar Girl Postcards

This is the inspiration for the May postcards for the Calendar Girls. Doreen in Australia has made this beautiful card for me this month, using
her embellishing machine to create the wonderful background of felt and silk and chiffon. The flower is of paper with a brad shaped heart for the centre. I love the way she has used little footprints for the leaves (see the text on the calendar sheet above) Thanks Doreen, it is just gorgeous. (It arrived this morning and looks even better than the picture)
Here is the card I have made for Lynda in Essex this month. I used newspaper for

the background, which I stuck with watered down pva glue to some old sheeting, having torn the newspaper into small bits first! I then painted it with watered down emulsion paint, then twice with an orange dye, scratching up the surface with a wire brush in between, which didn't do much really, due to the emulsion paint having sealed the surface too well!! I then copied the flower shape freehand onto some tissue, placed some silk on the front of the card, stitched the tissue onto the back of the card creating the design on the front, tore the tissue away, and proceeded to stitch more of the front, finally trimming away the silk close to the stitching leaving the daisy shape. The centre is a piece of dyed silk rod. I then touched up the petals with a little pearl paint to add a bit of lustre!

I added the text to some more silk, having dyed it orange. then stitched it to the card and frayed the edges.

I do hope you like what I made for you Lynda.

If you click on the Calendar Girls logo on the right hand side of my Blog it will take you to our Blog, where you can see all the other cards the ladies have made for each other so far this year. Also there is a link there for each member's Blog.


Doreen G said...

I love the technique you have used Val it has worked out beautifully.

Purple Missus said...

Its wonderful Val, thank you. A great technique. Love the way the newsprint peeks through the surface. Another technique to note down for future use.
Can't wait to get my hands on it for a closer look:)

Pat said...

Great stuff Val, ditto above comments, this is a great way to transfer a design.

dot said...

I really love to see the text through the layers, may just have to go and purchase a daily paper tommorow!
Can always guarantee your blog will provide the inspiration for something new to try!