Thursday, 5 March 2009

More recycling ......

WOW! What a surprise that was, waking up to this snow today! Look what's happened to the birdbath the doll was sitting on last weekend .....
I shan't be going anywhere today - not in the car anyway!

When showing you the doll in my last post, I suddenly remembered a little bit of rubbish that was also in that 10p box the lady popped in my bag when I bought the Pierrette Doll. Poor little thing had a hole in her head and no legs....!

Thanks to a couple of pipe cleaners, some wadding and some goat wool, she now has some legs and some hair!

Tut Tut Tut ... the things I waste my time on! The buckle at the front is l" wide, so you can see the doll isn't very big. What do you think of her?


Doreen G said...

Love the new look of you blog Val and what about all that snow--wow.

Alis said...

Wow! Where did the snow come from?
Nothing here. They had some in Mortehoe but nothing like you.

That dolly is just so cute. Bet she is glad to have another go at life ;0)

sharon young said...

Phew, I'm glad you got all that white stuff and we didn't today or I'd never have got to London.
Love the new look doll, she looks ready for a party now.
Your doll in the previous post is wonderful, I love the transformation.
My DD2 and I wanted to do the workshops run by the people that wrote that book, (I think) but there in Northumberland, maybe we could do our own from the book.
How apt your word verification is 'leginess'
Love the new look to your blog.

quiltchick said...

Now Val, you've inspired me. I've just remembered I have a porcelain Witches head and hands in my cupboard. I shall have to get it out and have a go at the wrapping technique to dress her!