Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Last Sunday I and three friends paid a visit to the Royal Horticultural Society at Rosemoor, Gt.Torrington, North Devon, for a photoshoot, with four Art Dolls we had made. The photoshoot was for publicity for an Exhibition we are planning to put on there next May 2008. We call ourselves Kindred Spirits and the theme of our Exhibition will be Myths & Legends. We have each made a doll representing a myth or legend, and we spent a very pleasant couple of hours clicking away amongst all the beautiful flowers and veg. As you can see from this picture, Sarah's fairy has a hangover, and would lie down by the water dangling her hand in it. The others were behaving reasonably well.
This is Carol's Fairy, she is a wood nymph and plays the flute (Carol Rowland)
This is Sarah's Fairy, she is the Fairy of Recyling, and has a very bad hangover and misbehaved all day (Sarah O'Hora)
This is Vinnie's Goddess called Danni and relates to the Greek Legend about the shower of gold (Vineta Cable)
This is Val's Frost Fairy (Val Thomas)
All the girls behaved reasonably well considering how tiring it is to pose for the cameras for two or more hours.
We hope to have some postcards printed, as well as the publicity that RHS Rosemoor will be distributing in their leaflets of upcoming Events at Rosemoor.
Kindred Spirits are also planning a Calendar for 2009 (well it takes a lot of thinking about you know!!) with the theme Myths & Legends, and we each have to make three pieces. I will post pictures to share with you as I get them. Watch this space .....................


Doreen G said...

How beautiful Val You are indeed a very talented lady.

Alis said...

Great dolls and it looks like you all had a great day out too.

Susan D said...

Love the dolls but what did passers by think of the drunken one I wonder.