Sunday, 10 June 2007

South West Quilters Workshop

There is nothing quite like spending a beautiful sunny Saturday inside a Village Hall with like minded people, making painted texture - is there? I did just that yesterday. I attended a South West Quilters Workshop tutored by Janet Gibbins at Exton Village Hall, South Devon, and had a whale of a time.

As you can see from this photo, Janet had us snipping bits of different fabric off piles she had brought with her, and stitching them down onto calico, with felt behind. We then painted the piece with emulsion paint (works just as well as Gesso) then put it out into the sunshine to dry.

While this was drying Janet had us painting another piece of felt with 'blobs' of metallic paint (three colours) smearing it on with a pallette knife. We then put that out to dry and brought the other piece in.

We then painted all these bits of fabric with acrylic paint, which of course came up in various shades, as we had various colours of bits under the white emulsion. That then went out to dry.

In came the other piece, which we then covered in a chiffon scarf and stitched all round the shapes with metallic thread (that woulnd't melt when you attack it with a soldering iron!) When finished we cut our pieces out with the soldering iron, so what you see in the pic. is my piece sitting on some blue fabric. I have yet to mount it onto something.

The textured piece was now dry, and we just added some metallic paint with a very dry brush, just to highlight all the texture.

I reckon the painted texture would make super fabric Postcards... must get stitching and painting more bits.


kartklan said...

Wow Val looks like you had a fab time. My SWQ subscription had lapsed and have just re-newed it but sadly don't have a list of current workshops otherwise i would certainly have put my name down for that one! Will have a go i think from your description.

Alis said...

What a wonderful and productive day you had. Love your pieces Val.