Friday, 1 June 2007

WOW! Look what arrived on my mat this morning. Isn't it gorgeous. I introduced my friend Dot to the Artist's Muse Website recently, and after completing her first Challenge and posting it onto the website, she has made this postcard for me in a very similiar manner. It is so beautiful - I can't tell if it is on green felt, but the background is various shades of green organza, cut and placed and machine stitched on top of each other, free machined leaf shapes are added, then the gorgeous flowers also using organza are free machined on. Two different coloured threads are used for each flower, with a seed bead added in the centre of each. Hand running stitches have been added in a lovely curvy shape, and finally, a little printed label in the top left hand corner that reads 'the spring of creativity'. The whole thing is topped off with a green eyelet through which is threaded organza ribbons, as you can see. What about that then? Whose a very lucky lady then? Thanks so much Dot.


Carol said...

Oh you lucky duck! It's gorgeous!

Doreen G said...

That is beautiful Val you are a luckything.
Could you e-mail me your snail mail address please Val I found something the other day that I want to send you.